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DIY Hockey Picnic Table

Difficulty: Intermediate

DIYer: Heather's Handmade Life

Time Required: 5 hours


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Ready to get started? Put on your safety glasses and take your batteries off the charger!

CRAFTSMAN® tools needed:

Other materials & accessories:

  • Two (2) 2x6 boards that are 8’ long (for the tabletop planks)
  • Six (6) 2x4 boards that are 8’ long (for the supports, legs, bench seats)
  • 2 1/2” screws
  • Red, white, and blue paint
  • Wood stain
  • Clear polyurethane
  • Paintbrushes
  • A pencil
  • Painter’s tape
  • Safety glasses
  • Padded gloves
  • Face mask

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Step 1: Build the tabletop

Measure and cut two 8’ long 2x6 boards in half, giving you four planks that measure 48” (4’ long).


We like easy math!

Once you’ve got your four table slats ready, set them aside for a few minutes.

It’s time to cut your tabletop supports. Take an 8’ 2x4 and cut two pieces that measure 23 1/2 inches. Then use your CRAFTSMAN® mitre saw to cut the ends on a 30-degree angle (meaning the shorter sides are now about 15 1/2”) so your table legs will have that nice picnic-y tilt.

Make sure to support the board at both ends prior to making the cut so they don’t move after the cut is made.

Line your tabletop planks along the tabletop supports so they’re evenly spaced, and screw them down using 2 1/2″ screws. (If you want to get fancy, you can do this from the bottom up to not show screws on the tabletop.)

Our finished tabletop! 

STEP 2: Add the legs

Cut four legs from a 2x4. Each leg should measure 26” with 30 degrees off each end — since you’re building a picnic table, not a dining room table. Line them up so they align with the edges of the tabletop supports, and screw them in with 2 1/2” screws.

STEP 3: Add the bench seats

Now it’s time to add the piece that’s going to connect the table legs — making them sturdier — and provide a resting place for the bench slats.

You’ll cut two of these support boards out of a 2x4 — each measuring 40 1/2” with 30-degree angles on the ends (so they don’t jut out from under the bench seats) — and screw them into the legs so the long sides extend about 8” on each side beyond the table legs.

Now that you’ve got bench supports, you need benches!

Take your final two 2x4s and cut four seat boards, each measuring 48” long (four feet).

No need for angles here — these are basic planks for kid-sized booties.

Flip the whole table over — you’ll need help! — and plop the bench boards onto the support boards, making sure they look even on both sides.

When you’re happy with their placement, screw them in with 2 1/2” screws.

STEP 4: Round the edges (OPTIONAL)

What's a hockey rink with sharp edges? We traced a small plate on the edges of the table and benches to make the curves, and then squeezed the trigger and followed the pencil line - just like sewing along a chalk mark, except your sewing machine is doing 3200 RPM in your hands

Be sure to wear padded safety gloves and glasses because this thing has a LOT of power!

Reciprocating saw or the jigsaw can be used for this part.

STEP 5: Sand the wood for smooth finish

Whether or not you chose to round your edges, now it’s SANDING TIME! Sand away all those little pencil markings, weird stamps on the wood, and rough patches here and there. 

STEP 6: Paint it!

Once you’ve wiped off any sanding dust, it’s time to break out the paint brushes. We painted the whole tabletop white — like the white ice of a hockey rink ...


STEP 7: Enjoy it with the family!

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